Visualize Your Network

See your network through the eyes of a hacker.

The ThreatConsole is designed to present complex vulnerability data in a way that highlights the potential risks associated with weaknesses in your infrastructure. In reality, if one host has a single vulnerability, the entire infrastructure is potentially at risk. The ThreatConsole also offers an interactive flythru interface depicting the network in a way that not only shows the network inventory, but also highlights security issues and their potential impact. Clicking on any service or system displays the security issues associated with it. Heads up displays provide other relavent technical information.

This is a great visual aid for non technical people who may not understand what services are or even what an IP address is, but it also provides an alternate view for security pros who may be tired of looking charts, spreadsheets, and tables or if they just want a quick view of the network to make sure everything was captured during scanning. Here, the services are depicted above the systems they run on and are color coded based on the severity of security issues associated with them. If there is a service with a high risk vulnerability, the host is depicted as such, as well as the network. Traditional boring views available also!


Historical Trending

Track the progress of your security program

Identifying and resolving security issues is what the ThreatConsole is all about. As vulnerabilities are mitigated you will see the attack profile decrease as your infrastructure becomes more secure over time. Find out how long a specific vulnerability has lingered on your network!


Collaborate With Partners

Have multiple users working with the same data

Share your ThreatConsole data with people that you assign to help secure your infrastructure or collaborate with a team on an assessment/penetration test or incident response engagement. You can restrict who can see what and revoke access at any time. You can make private comments with just your team members and also be able utilize the collective wisdom of the community.


ThreatConsole Features

Here are just a few of the features available in the ThreatConsole

Automated Reporting

Generate professionally formated or fully customized reports instantly in a variety of formats including MS Word, Excel, etc. The ThreatConsole will also keep a historical trend of target groups to track the progress of your vulnerability remediation efforts.

Collaborate With Others

Share your data with others, collaborate with a team on assessments and have a centralized artifact and vulnerability status repository, and tap into community knowledge. Managers can keep track of a team's progress remotely.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Utilize ThreatPerspective's subscription based vulnerability scanning services to discover security issues on your networks. Purchase (or create for free) Remote Access Systems to discover vulnerabilities on your internal networks both physical and virtual, locally hosted or cloud based.

The ThreatConsole's Subscription Based Services

Find vulnerabilities on your Internet accessible systems before the hackers do. If you do not already have a Vulnerability Scanner, consider purchasing a low cost vulnerability scanning subscription to identify vulnerabliities on your Internet accessible systems as well as your internal networks and DMZs. With remote access systems you can easily find out how well your internal networks are protected against malicious insiders.